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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project #13

      The Royal Court, comprised of Ash Baumann and myself, collaborated together for Projects #15 and #16. Both of these projects were to be completed without face to face contact. Long distance collaboration requires patience, time, and tools for communication. We relied heavily on texting to deliver immediate messages and responses. At times we used the old fashioned way and called on the phone. I found Google Docs to be the best resource for spelling out and rehashing my plans.

     Somehow I once erased my ability to 'share' our document and Ash had to get me back in. We were able to brainstorm initial ideas and give updates on progress efficiently with these tools. These three methods of communication work well enough for us probably because our group was so small. My wish is that Google Docs adapts a more user friendly platform for cut and paste. Documents outside of Google Docs were not easily transferred in.

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