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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Final Project #16

a snapshot of the classroom web page

     For our last project in EDM310 Ash Baumann and I collaborated and designed a Class Webpage and Blog. We believed this was a good test run for the future. We have learned the importance of having both types of communication networks in the classroom. For this assignment we chose to create a fictional third grade and design a fun and informational place for classroom communication and for sharing our students achievements.

     The webpage was built with Edmodo, a closed system, that is a safe place for teachers, students and parents to exchange information. Access for EDM310 purposes is:,  edm310. There is a group specifically for students (Court Jesters) and parents (Parliament). Each group has a unique password. The student is expected to remember their password (u5drwh) and not share with anyone outside of the classroom. The Parliament password is: mblt4t. These names are a play off the "royal" theme of our EDM310 group: The Royal Court. Dr. Strange fancies himself the "King" so that must make us his "Royal Court."  The class blog was designed with Blogspot. We have had experience with it's interface and are comfortable with it's content and layout.

     On the class website you will find a Library. There you will find links to the Mobile Public School System's important information, tips on blogging and HTML coding, many sites for homework assistance and exploration, a kid-friendly search engine, and additional sites for creative projects. There is also a calendar for May. Here are posted most of the quizzes, trips, assignments, and fun activities. The students are able to see the entire calendar, while the parents are privy to only the sections that could possible involve them. By this stage of the game I expect my students to have a real grasp on being scholastically independent and not need as much parental oversight. Since this is fictitious I have not created: actual posts or names, or grades. This website is ready to be populated with students and parents.

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  1. I thought there were others who claimed royalty besides me. I haven't looked tab the project yet but will soon.