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Thursday, April 12, 2012


students from around the world are blogging


                                                 Vermont, USA

March 27, 2012

     Macy is a student from Vermont who lives on a beef cow and maple-syrup making farm. She is into sports, skiing, art and math. Macy has a horse named Magic. I looked around her blog and found a section titled: "ten things you do not know about me." I was able to comment on her most recent post and this list. I skied at Mt. Stowe a few years ago and really enjoyed the time spent there.
I wished her much success with school and blogging. I also wished her a happy birthday. Macy turned three years old on February 29, 2012.
                                                               Leap Year Birthday

April 3, 2012

up close cow face     Macy posted a picture of a cow on her blog this week. I asked her if it was the same type of cows her family is raising right now. Currently they have beef cows. I told her an almost tragic story of my younger brother and I when I was her age that involved us making a few cows very, very mad. We survived. And we did not tell anyone. Who wants to be almost trampled by cows and spanked all in the same day?

     I asked her if she had an specific chores to do that involved any of the animals on her family's farm? As stated in an earlier post she has her own horse and her family used to have
 milk cows. I asked which three animals for pets or profit that she would like to have on her
farm and why?

     In another post Macy states that her best friend is named Emily. They met in Kindergarten and have been best friends ever since. They reached for the same toy at a rice table and decided to be friends right then. I had to ask about the rice table. My imagination is not what it should be and at first I thought they met at the cafeteria. I asked her what kind of activities they like doing. I wondered if they rode horses together. I shared that I used to go to a local stable and ride with friends for $5 a half hour. Actually we rode for two hours once a month. We also hung out at the mall or rode bikes after school and on weekends.

     I asked Macy to giver her best friend Emily a "high-five" for me.

April 12, 2012

     I am so excited today! My C4K, Macy, just responded to my two comments I left her last week. She is articulate and creative. I picture a very rambunctious farm girl who knows how to have fun and has many friends. Naturally I responded to one of her responses. She wrote about two games that she and her friend Emily like to play. Well, I knew one of them very well. The other may have been the same but since I wasn't sure I told her my rules. I asked that she send me her instructions if the were different. I just love fun, and silly games.  Fuzzy Bunny is a hysterical one to watch! Watching kids play it is amusing but watch adults act insane is beyond words!

     This week Macy posts about litter and its consequences. Her argument is formed around good and bad littering. Throwing a piece of fruit out the window is deemed ok, but not paper or plastics. She uses decomposition as the basis for her argument. And as a clincher she explains that not only can littering cause harm to the initial animal coming in contact with it but possibly the next one that comes in contact with that animal.
person littering from a car

     I commented that littering was just plain bad manners to our Planet Earth. I acknowledged her solid argument along with her justifications. I told her to continue to let people know about the effects of littering. I asked if she had possibly been studying Biology when she learned this information and asked what else she had learned. As always I wished her the best of FUN in school and with her blogging.  


topography map of New Zealand
Rosalina, Year 3 Class
Auckland, New Zealand

     Rosalina is six and a half years old and the youngest of three children. Her video blog is all about her family, and what colors, songs, games and food are her favorite. Her family is part Samoan and Niuean. She has an older brother and sister. I told her she was so lucky to have a sister and brother to teach her things and take care of her. I have to younger brothers so I did the teaching. I have always wanted a sister.

     Her favorite game is tee-ball. I asked if she played at school or afterwards on a team. I told her that I did not play but my brothers did and I watched a lot. Tee-ball is a good way to practice your swing before a pitcher starts throwing to you. I wished her luck.

     Pizza bread is her favorite food. No surprise there. My favorite pizza, I told her, was pineapple and ham. I discovered it on vacation in Hawaii a few years ago and have liked it ever since. Luckily it has become more popular and easier to find in restaurants.

     Blue is one of our shared favorite colors. She did not say what shade blue in particular. I told her my favorite blues were the very dark and also the bright blue like the ocean. I mentioned that dark red was not a favorite color that I have heard of before. It must mean something very special to her.

     I congratulated her on her video and hoped that she continued blogging as often as possible. Blogging is an excellent way to practice writing skills and learning about people from all over the world. I also wished her a successful and fun school year.

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