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Thursday, April 12, 2012

C4T April

Blogging About the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom

picture of Steven Anderson    by: Steven Anderson

Tools and Resources for Creating Infographics

East Carolina University mascot Petee the Pirate
     I checked out Mr. Anderson's personal information and found out he was an East Carolina University alum. So is my oldest daughter and her fiance. So I began my comment with a hearty Pirate "Arggg."

     This weeks blog  is Tools and Resources for Creating Infographics. We have used Wordle in EDM310 this semester. My podcast goup even inserted several Wordles into our video that served as transitions. Wordle is user friendly and is quite fun to use. Google has a program called Google Public Data Explorer. In EDM we have seen data on the public's technology usage. Here is a good site for creating charts and animations.

     Creately combines collaboration and diagramming. There is a free plan for the individual and up to three collaborators. There are many charts, diagrams, maps, and templates to browse. Actually there are seventeen pages to sorts through. Customer comments state that it is easier and cheaper than Microsoft Visio.

Kathy Schrock     Mr. Anderson gives a shout-out to Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything. It will take me a long time to check this blog out. Everything is an understatement. She has assembled almost everything necessary for researching and creating infographics for the large company down to the individual user. Need help with your PLN? Check this out. There is even a guide page for educators. Now all I need is a LOT of time to check out these two informational blogs.

   Some Handy Tools for YouTube 

     April 23, 2012 is the seventh anniversary of the first video uploaded to YouTube. This is that first video: Me at the Zoo. After watching those 19 seconds and a few others that comprised the first 20 or so uploadsI can definitely say that YouTube has come a long way. And in the same breathe it is still a good medium for those in need of a spotlight. Seven years later school districts are giving it the ok nod. So much has been uploaded that easily lends itself to becoming an accompaniment to lesson plans. Mr Anderson has added a cherry to the top of this anniversary in the form of his most favorite creative and useful tools when using YouTube.

     YouTube Video Editor-  is for those of us without iMovie or access to a Mac. Here are editing tools, music and sounds, and transitions. A Creative Commons (a circle around two cc) search leads to many creative possibilities prior to uploading to your account.
     Quiet Tube- this application sounds too good to be true! This is a bookmarklet that once activated removes all content on the page except for the intended video. No more intrusive video suggestions, comments, or other distractions. Imagine showing a video to your class without all the extra baggage! Enjoy just the meat the video.
     Tube Chop- is for trimming larnger videos into smaller more succinct portions. This samples can be added into presentations and so many other applications. No more wasting
 time waiting for 'the good part!'
     Drag on Tape- This is the next evolution application that follows those above it. Here you edit videos, your and others, and put them together into one fluid mixed presentation.


     I can see an EDM310 class using these applications much in the same way we have used the Macs in our lab. For PC users- your time in the fun-zone is here.

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