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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Progress Report on Project #16

     Project #16 is an open ended project that I am developing with Ashley Bauman. Brainstorming has led to a few interesting projects but none as pertinent to what each of us should have before day one. We have decided to build a class website for a fictional third grade. We are gathering ideas from past teacher's sites whose blogs we have read. And plan to interview local educators about necessary and non-productive content.

     This site will showcase the class activities, have a section especially for parents, sections for educational games, blogging, podcasts, homework assignments, suggested reading, and perhaps a few more. Communication between teacher and student, and teacher and parent is an important aspect to education. We believe a website that posts this information and a little more could possibly alleviate confusion, miscommunication,  forgetfulness, and deliver a clear one-stop-shopping hub of information. What sounded easy at first is proving to be slightly more detailed and time consuming. We are enjoying the journey and look forward to a finished product.

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